Bod Gilbert, one of our Board members wrote a poem which was featured by Age Friendly. We wanted to share his wonderful poem with you all, it is called “Hold Firm” please share. 🌈

Hold Firm by Bob Gilbert

Face at the window, Eyes filled with tears,
Molly is cocooned, at eighty-one years.
Cut off from her friends, and oh, how she cried,
Couldn’t go to the funeral, of a good friend who died.
But she is resilient, made of the right stuff,
She will hold firm; she’ll never give up.

She misses her grandkids, in her sitting room,
She’s learned to talk to them, on WhatsApp and Zoom.
That’s all very fine, but oh, how she misses
Their chitter chatter, their hugs and their kisses.
So, for their sakes, this bug mustn’t win.
She must Hold Firm and must never give in.

Depending on others, she can’t shop online
The GAA club help, with her weekly buying.
When this is all over, she’s going to get
Someone to teach her, how to shop on the net.
When that day comes, she’ll celebrate with a gin,
Because she held firm, she never gave in.

Rainbows in windows, fill us with hope
That our great Front-Line Staff, will continue to cope.
All these great people, deserve our applause
As do all of us, who stuck to the laws.
We’ve made it more difficult, for the virus to win,
By holding firm and NOT giving in.